Without the original support of Dr. Saber Arab, Former Director, Egyptian National Library & Archives, Prof. Dr. Rifaat Hilal, Former Deputy Director, and Dr. Howayda Kamil, Director of International Relations, this project could never have taken place. We wish to express our appreciation for their support and for making available the appropriate staff and facilities for our work. We were fortunate to work with a group of Egyptian National Library employees who took great pride in their responsibility for protecting and conserving the collection for future generations. Each succeeding Director of the Egyptian National Library & Archives has been supportive of our work highlighting the value of international cooperation and we thank each of them .

We were extremely fortunate to have received funding from the Egyptian Antiquities Endowment of the American Research Center in Egypt which was made possible by support from the American people through USAID. Many at ARCE took time to help us and we wish to express our thanks to Dr. Gerry D. Scott, III, ARCE Director and his staff.

We were also very fortunate in receiving valuable input and technical assistance from individuals at Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation/Tradigital and we appreciate all the time and effort they made to support our work. Individuals at the American Numismatic Society, particularly Mr. Ethan Gruber, were also very helpful in guiding our project and we are grateful for their input.

We wish to give special credit for the amazing contribution of Dr. Norman “Doug” Nicol whose work on the 1982 catalog was a tour de force in itself in light of the technology available to him. His ability to have kept straight the thousands of records which were needed to produce the typed catalog still amaze us. Throughout this project Doug has been extremely generous with his time and knowledge and we are extremely grateful.

We acknowledge with thanks the following individuals recognizing that all errors are our responsibility. We apologize to anyone if we forgot to list below.

  • Dr. Saber Arab, Former Director, Egyptian National Library & Archives
  • Dr. Raafat Hilal, Former Deputy Director, Egyptian National Library & Archives
  • Mr. Atef Fawzy Abd el-Megeed, Egyptian National Library
  • Mr. Sami Mahmud al-Ziyat, Egyptian National Library
  • Dr. Howayda Kamil, Egyptian National Library
  • Ms. Fatma Ali Ahmad, Egyptian National Library
  • Mr. Nabil al-Sayed Muhammad Ta’ima, Egyptian National Library
  • Mr. Muhammad Ezzat Mustafa Faris, Egyptian National Library
  • Mr. Nagib Abd al-Azim Abd Alhi, Egyptian National Library
  • Mr. Awad Mohamed Ibrahim, Egyptian National Library
  • Mr. Mustafa al-Sayed Ahmad, Egyptian National Library
  • Ms. Aida Abdelghany, Egyptian National Library
  • Mr. Sharef al-Sayyid, Egyptian National Library
  • Mr. Ashraf Ibrahim, Egyptian National Library
  • Mr. Usama al-Tilbani, Egyptian National Library
  • Mr. Hassan Abu al-Hassan, Egyptian National Library
  • Mr . Hussein Ali, Independent Researcher
  • Mr . Mohammad Kamal, Independent Researcher
  • Mr . Omar Mahfuz, Independent Researcher
  • Ms. Wala’a al-Dorry, Independent Reseacher
  • Ms. Howayda Ali, Independent Researcher
  • Mr. Theodore Nabil Daniel, Independent Researcher
  • Dr. Gerry D. Scott, III, Director,ARCE
  • Dr. Michael Bates, Curator Emeritus, American Numismatic Society
  • Dr. Norman D. Nicol, Independent Researcher
  • Mr. Stephen Album, Independent Researcher
  • Dr. Denis Feissel, College de France, Paris
  • Mr. Rory O’Kane, Cairo American College
  • Mr. Byron Strausburger McMullen, IT specialist, UW
  • Mr. R. B. Davidson MacLaren. Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation/Tradigital.
  • Prof. Dr. Ada Romero Sánchez. Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation/Tradigital
  • Dr. Elena Chardakliyska, Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation/Tradigital
  • Ms. Fatma Abd El-Monem, Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation/Tradigital
  • Eng. Ahmed Sadek. IT manager. Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation/Tradigital
  • Mr. Ted Cookson, Egypt Panorama Tours
  • Dr. Ashraf Sewailam, Independent Researcher
Dr. Jere L. Bacharach
Professor Emeritus
Department of History
University of Washington
Seattle, WA., USA