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Gold Stater of Philip III Arrhidaeus, Lampsacus, 323 BCE–317 BCE. 1944.100.29732
American Numismatic Society
Tip monetar
Price P14
Autoritate emitentă
Philip III Arrhidaeus


83, 195, vii, vii, 196, 197, 198
Newell, Edward Theodore, 1886-1941
Notebook containing notes on coins of various hoards, along with loose leaves with additional coin lists, notes, and rubbings. A detached label once adhered to the cover of the album reads, "HOARDS II." Includes a letter to Margaret Thompson from Martin Price of the British Museum relating to a joint project on the coins of Alexander the Great (1968). Hoards covered in the notebook are Sardis, Anadol, Aleppo, Ankyra, Aintab, Andhritsena, Abu Hommos, Taranto, Bithynian, Demanhur, Chalcis (Eretria), Calabria, Constantinople, Cyprus (Larnaka), Peloponessos, Drama, Greece (Tiffany), Eretria, Epidaurus, Sparta, Patras, Gesou, Haiffa, Prof. Haynes, Saida, Jandolo, Anadol, Kuft, Kyparissia, Keleler, Karditsa, Messene, Larnaka, Lamia, Latakie, Mosul, Marasesti, Patras, Parthian, Philip II Staters, Ravel, Salonica, Sophikon, Taranto, Tripolitsa, Thebes, Urfa, Gejou, Lamia, and Kyparissia.